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Grassroots radio stations are more than audio outlets; they actually help create community in their listening areas   Civic participation fosters community and identity.  There are magic and power in the concept of community radio. 

In exercising their First Amendment rights, people are bringing issues to the airwaves that are often misrepresented, if represented at all. Listeners are educated, uplifted, activated, enlightened, frustrated, surprised or empowered by grassroots radio programming.  These grassroots stations become a lifeline in a community.

You can recognize a grassroots community station anywhere in the country   There is a freshness you'll not hear elsewhere due largely to the variety of voices and connections the station has with its community.  The non-commercial nature of these stations allows us independence uncommon in media controlled by commercial or corporate interests.

We strive for an engaging, professional air sound without sacrificing individual programmer's eccentricities.  Sometimes the performances of inexperienced programmers are rough at first, but the beauty of the very idea of community radio comes across with each new voice you hear: people from the community, ordinary citizens, on the radio.  And those new voices become competent and creative broadcasters before our very ears.

- Cathy Melio of WERU & Marty Durlin of KGNU on the foundation of the GRC.
                      GRC VIRTUAL SUMMIT : OCTOBER 9 - 11, 2020
Hosted by WXOX 97.1 FM Louisville


Videos from the 2020 Virtual GRC are now available online:


Since 1996, the Grassroots Radio Conference has brought together community-minded radio stations to share ideas, technology, and conversation.  Each each year the event is hosted by a station in a different part of the country.  2020 was to be ART FM's opportunity to host the conference at WXOX Louisville.  Unfortunately, global pandemic circumstances are forcing a delay of this in-person conference.  In the meantime, we are trying something new . . .

For the first time ever, ART FM will bring college and community stations from around the world together online for a GRC Virtual Summit!  While the pandemic will make our gathering more difficult, it does not make it impossible! Grassroots stations are more important than ever to a global listenership in distress.  We cannot miss this important opportunity to come together to share ideas, exchange information, and build connections within the community.  Mark your calendars for October 9 - 11 as we embrace the available technology and unite for three days of online talks, workshops, and networking activities focusing on today‚Äôs most pressing issues in radio.

This year's conference will focus on on the following topics:

The Pandemic:  How to Broadcast Safely & Responsibly

The Protests:  Amplifying Justice & Equality for All

The President:  Energizing the Electorate Through the FM Dial


Hyperlocal News Reporting during Wildfires and Other Natural Disasters

Embracing new technologies and stepping up to new challenges, this year's conference will be like none that have ever gone before! We hope you will join us for the adventure as we connect grassroots radio stations worldwide, all from the safety and comfort of home!!!

CLICK THIS LINK for an article from the Pacifica Network about the 2020 GRC Virtual Summit

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